Something we want to tell you introduction of Marui

What brought you to this website? My name is Hiroshi Sato, the president of Marui
Over 100 years, we’ve been able to provide Sendai-Black-Beef (Kuroge-brand wagyu beef: A4, A3 grade), Sendai-Beef (A5, B5) to places all over Japan, including Miyagi prefecture, and the Kanto and Kansai areas. This is because of the countless number of customers who supported us over 100 years. We can’t thank you enough.
My father was the previous president of Marui, so I was surrounded by beef from my childhood. I started helping his job when I was a middle school student, and after I entered Marui, I contributed to this company as a sales manager for long time. I contributed to this company as a sales manager for long time. Then, since 2007, I‘ve been making my own effort to provide good products to our customers as president of Marui.

In 2011, the East Japan Earthquake did severe damage to our company headquarters in Miyagino district in Sendai City. For about a year after the earthquake, we couldn’t operate our business on top of that, harmful rumors began to spread about our products.
It was a very challenging period for us. The price of A5 meat went down, and we couldn’t sell most of our products, especially in Western Japan. Even if our consumers knew that our products were safe, it wasn’t easy for us to wipe away their anxiety. However, slowly but surely, we worked very hard to restore confidence in our products. Today, our products are as popular as they were before the earthquake. Words cannot express how thankful we are.
We will continue our effort to provide our fresh tasty meat to everyone.

Hiroshi Sato